Dangerous Water 3

Dangerous Water 3

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In June of 2011 a crew of five adventures departed Seattle, Washington on Personal Watercraft with the ultimate goal of crossing the Bering Strait and reaching the remote shores of the Russian coastline. After 65 days and 4500 miles the crew finally accomplished their goal. The story that the men recorded in full 1080p is one of the most epic adventures ever caught on film. What the crew of Dangerous Waters endured during their 65-day ordeal and what they overcame was nothing short of a miracle. The episodes include: high danger, spectacular scenery, enormous waves, drama between the crew, overcoming never ending mechanical issues, sinking in the Gulf of Alaska, being welcomed and warned by locals of the dangers, airplanes landing on remote beaches in the Aleutian Islands bringing in fuel, 737 aircraft delivering new watercraft to the crew, being rescued in the Bering Sea by crab fishermen, unbelievable wildlife both land and aquatic, and best of all, this is just the beginning to a 7 season run around the entire planet on personal watercraft. This show documents the incredible adventure of a world record-breaking feat never before attempted, a full circumnavigation around the planet on personal watercraft. Dangerous Waters Season One is adventure reality television at its finest. http://dangerouswaterstv.com/

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Kamera-Modell: Canon EOS 550D
Verschlusszeit: 1/800 sec
Blende: f/5.6
ISO: 100
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Fokus: 210 mm


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